Saturday, February 19, 2011

Bento's and Baby Feet! =D

Well I got comissioned to do another cake can you guess for what?.....Thats right! A baby shower! *dances* I couldn't fid any stencils for the feet so I free handed all of them each different and unique like true foot prints.

A babies first steps are their mothers joy.

Alrighty the next picture down is my bento dinner for tonight. Its in my tony tony chopper chopper man tight bento.

Its got white sticky rice, rolled tobasco eggs with cheese folded in, some mixed greens: broccolli, celery, and carrots dressed with 1 tsp itanilan dressing, and one whole clemantine.

I'm getting back int the bento biz cause I want to fit into my Yukata since it dosen't wrap around me like I want it too. So, that and I wanted to lose two or three more pounds before going back to my Endocronologist nurse; I have until May. I know I can do it along with walking 45 minutes in the morning I know I can do it! =D

Love to you all
Pixil Doll ;D

Friday, February 11, 2011

New Bento Photos =D

Holy goodness! Its getting warmer but lastnight it got cold! *twitches* Thats okay though. My bentoing had to stop for awhile since my cat came back from the vet and I've been comissioned to make two cakes. =p

But here are the next pictures of my bentos, the one from lastnight and the one I'll be taking for dinner tonight. =D

Lastnights bento is in a manly sized black two teir; first teir: BBQ pork chop cooked in the oven, one whole clemantine, some honey dew cut up into small peices.

Second teir: white rice, a plastic bottle with Italian dressing, and a salad of tomato, celery, and yellow squash with some spicy cheese.

The next p[icture is for dinner tonight in my chopper man bento: Thinly sliced paer peices, a squareish kind of shaped rice ball, and my stuffed chicken pulled appart with roasted tomatos, peices of green squash, and chunks of parmason cheese.

Yay, go bento!
Pixil Doll

Friday, January 14, 2011

More bento goodness after a week of sickness =p

I've been sick for a whole week! *flails* But even so I had to get back ionto the bentoing. =3

I can't find my camera either ): so I'll just have to tell you what I had lastnight for dinner and what I made for today.

Lastnight was a two teir sakura bento: first teir had fajita chicken mix with chicken, red and yellow pepper, and I added some tomato. Calomato stuffed olives and some greens.

Second teir: rice and one whole small orange.

Tonights dinner: first teir: two slices of lemon pepper pork, a medly of carrots, celery, tomato, with ranch dressing and some paprika. As well as some slices of broccoli.

Second teir: two mini onigiri, broccoli, and one small orange.

Sorry again for the non-pictureness, I will try to find my camera. I know it will pop up some time.


Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Octo-dogs! Yay! =D

Octto-dooooog! Wheeeee! XD I couldn't resist the pull of the octo-dog. =D

Top teir: Broccoli peices and four shrimp gyoza.

Bottom teir: carrots, celery, rice ball, a whole clemantine orange, and three little smokies made into octo-dogs! *giggles* I feel like a kid again =p but I had fun trying to make some kind of ocean scene even if it dosen't look real it looks delicous!

Yay bento!
Pixil Doll <3

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Sink problems and a cold bento D:

Theres a problem with the plumbing at the moment so I wasn't able to wash my Thermal Bento, so instead tonight I'm going to use my small bunny bento.

First piccy is of my bento wrapped. ^-^

Second piccy is of the bento itself: top teir: apples with designs, cut up match stick celery and red pepper along with a fish pick. =D

Bottom teir: white rice, cut up omellete, and a spicy chicken patty.

It was an easy bento to throw together in about 30 minutes, minus the fact that I had to cook the spicy chicken patty.

Always thinking of new ways to make bento
Pixil Doll

Saturday, December 11, 2010

Winter Bento Love =D

Its winter times ladies and gents, so that means Thermal Bento love! *squees* I've had to put up the bunny bento in echancge for my thermal that keeps food nice and warm. So, todays bento is modled after comfert food. =3

Left side: potato salad made from lemon flavored olive oil, small baby potatoes, red and yellow peppers, half a jalapino, and some minced ginger. It was baked in the oven so the flavors would mingle together.

Center: white rice with a peice of cut up pork chop, it has some veggie oil and garlic steak shake on; also went into the oven. <3

Right: I had some odd veggies left and didn't know what to do with them when I remembered in Culinary School we had stuffed some tomatoes. So, I rooted through the fridge and came up with some corn, minced garlic, and collards. Putting those together with a half cup of panko bread crumbs and stuffing them they were also oven baked. =3

I had fun making this bento!
Pixil Doll <3

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Sorry about the delay ladies and gents =p

Theres been a slight change in bento boxes, cause Monday night I ate a cold bento in a cold pizza store so I'm going to use my Thermal bento for the better half of winter. =p

Right side: cut up peices of ripe tomato and a potato salad.

Left side: peach cobbler without the fuss; basically frozen peaches put into the mirco in a bowl to thaw out and brown sugar put on top. I even made a crumble like topping with some natures valley oat bars and a small handfull of some kind of nut.

Middle: A new recipe actually since I didn't have soy sauce to flavor the eggs in my shrimp fried rice; put some mirin in them instead. Chopped up red and yellow bell pepper along with two small celery stalks and used some interesting sweet but spicy Asian sauce my dad got. Pulled it all together with some thawed shrimp cut into peices.

I've had the Thermal Bento since summer time this year and I didn't want to start using it yet, its just Monday night I got fed up with cold food so its in use now. =3
Oh, also my bean bun booty lost 2 more lbs! 204 babeh! =D

Happy Eatting Ya'll
Pixil Doll